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recollection Jun 22, 2022

Today I discovered tanning. I added it to my schedule and changed things around to make it work. That little girl at the gym was wearing white tight leggings and a matching top and she was adorable. There were a lot of people my age and I saw the old guy who motivated me to do all the weight on the fly machine. I also made some improvements to the Plan, considerably to the certainty around celebrity training. Nevertheless Imm still a little tired so have decided to add more FFXIV to my schedule until I have 7 days of no alcohol/fap (which greatly helps with my strength at the gym and motivation)

Image credit: Marvin Meyer

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Born Strong

recollection Jun 21, 2022

Today was a weird day. I couldn't get it all done crisp but I got it all done nevertheless. I'm seriously doubting how much mindset comes into play when it comes to results. I'm getting everything done but I'm nowhere near the results I'm looking for in terms of views, sales or even conversations (business & dating). I don't really know where I went wrong at this point. Maybe I'm too subtle? Maybe I need to take another step back and get further from everything. Maybe it's about finding the courage to do what it takes to take things where they should be. For the rest, I watched Born Strong on Youtube, which turned out to be quite entertaining for me. I'm hoping the little Haitian Rhum I drank won't affect my workout tomorrow... I'm trying to hit some new PRs, and I don't want to be rewarding any bad behaviour.

Image credit: Ben White

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Cutie Cub

recollection Jun 20, 2022

I started the Plan full force and it felt good. Had to take a nap because I was tired from changing my sleep schedule. I think arranging that should take about a week. I'm thinking about Zingzamazung girl and cutie cub from the gym a lot. I feel like cutie cub wants to date me and that I should try to date her. After much deliberation, I'm going to let her approach me/ enjoy her presence and if the opportunity presents itself and I'm in the right state of mind, I'll strike up a casual conversation and see where it goes.

Image credit: Jeff Rodgers

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recollection Jun 17, 2022

Today I did stuff chilly. My wrist still hurts so the gym was a little uncomfortable but I increased the weight and time. Running was interesting since I took a shot of Haitian rum the night before and I accidentally pressed the mountain climb workout routine so I was doing incline and decline for almost 15 mins. I rearranged it though so it wasn't too bad. I'm learning about Turkesterone from YT videos; it seems a little sketchy for now. I don't like how it's a steroid, even if it is from plants/insects.

Image credit: Leohoho

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Getting Deep?

recollection Jun 16, 2022

I'm starting to wonder how there is so much stuff out there that I want to do but can't. I want to add "yet" but who knows with this market. People are winning and they're winning BIG, while I'm nowhere near where I want to be in terms of finances, support or social chase. I don't have any ideas other than to stop what I'm doing. However, that's probably just going to be worse. I don't know how my family and old friends' opinions are still in my head. I barely spend time if any with them. How are they still getting so deep? They hurt. This may just be necessary growing pains... but I have to stay focused. The good news is I've adapted my sleep schedule today and should have no problem maintaining it.

Image credit: Martin Adams

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15% Body Fat

recollection Jun 15, 2022

Today I took it easy while doing everything. Waking up earlier backfired so I ended up waking up at the same time I usually do. Will try to do better tonight. I still have a few things to improve like sleep. I changed the schedule again, posting a little bit earlier and keeping time for playing FFXIV in the evening before sleep. I've decided to max out all classes and jobs since the game is turning out to be quite fascinating and fun. And I know I'm just getting started. I'm a little worried that I'll stay at 15% body fat forever, I want to get down to 10%. Also, I think Halsey was in love with me in her latest song "So Good". I thought of my exes and when I went to her concert.

Image credit: Ramez E. Nassif

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Changing My Sleep Schedule

Uncategorized Jun 14, 2022

Since the Plan starts next Monday, I took today to do some action and rest. I didn't advance my marketing so much and I spent some time in my head I must confess. I was trying to make sure that I wasn't missing something: a show, a class or something else. Also, I changed my sleep schedule so I'm focused on that. Tomorrow morning: 5 am instead of 5:30 am because I want to be able to get that extra 30 mins at the gym to maximize muscle gains.

Image credit: Kate Stone Matheson

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Uncategorized Jun 13, 2022

Today was all about the Plan. With my supps, workout routine and daily actions, I feel confident I'll be able to pit enough pressure on the market. My content is dialled in and so is my message. Now only time will tell if I'll have to change anything. I hurt my wrist at the gym lifting lots of weights. Minor injury, it reminds me to stay humble and focused, especially when things are going well.

Image credit: Mika Baumeister

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Making Every Action Count

recollection Jun 11, 2022

This week has proven to be difficult in terms of making every action count. I did not "Max Out" but then again there are a few things weighing on my mind: Keanu Reeves messaging me, video games, porn, money, Alchemy. I think I'm going to just continue those even though perfectionists would say that they are making my mind melt. I think it's helping me manifest and stay focused. They probably aren't aware of how many things are actually distracting them or they are satisfied with the consequences. It's Sunday tomorrow and I'm going to use that day to 1. Intermittent fasting for the first time. 2. Preparing next week for 100% action.

Image credit: Ethan Elisara

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My Ex's Birthday

recollection Jun 01, 2022

Today was my ex's birthday. Since she doesn't want me to text her I didn't wish her a happy birthday. Other than that, it was a lax day during which I got everything done at a steady pace. I improved the Schedule and for now, it is starting next week. I was tired so I took a nap. I'm hoping it won't mess up my sleep schedule. My goal now is to be less paranoid about what people may say, do or think of me. And my workout today was Dofus themed, where I did the spells from the game for lifting motivation. It worked quite well actually as I increased my weight lifting dramatically on every exercise.

Image credit: Moncell Allen

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