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Basketball (Dream)

dream Jun 30, 2021

At a plane crash site. Some guy with his 6 identical kids is making an announcement. At a party with people, I haven't seen before. They put me on a Segway-type thing which brings me around the room. I notice there aren't that many people. Then the invitees show up. Someone on the mic brings everyone's attention to the fact that one of the guys there is going to jail. At a hangout with Micheal L.'s dad and Micheal, playing video games. I have a feeling he's saying that he wants to be able to invite a bunch of friends and just do this. Christian C. comes up behind me, I notice his presence and call him out. We start playing basketball. Kevin B. and some other people I know are also playing. I notice I have no shoes. I go to the coach and tell him. He says he'll get me some, I can get some, or I can go get some from the opposing team. Meet Didier L. at a party. We do props then ruin it, he gives me a look. At a school where I'm attending. I'm sitting next to Lil Wayne. At first, I don't say anything? Then I feel like I'm warming up to him do I start talking but he says: "Keep your mouth shut". I get disappointed and leave the class, thinking it's not for me. I start seeing a bunch of types of people: lin yus, people who have been through something, people with bullet holes in their heads. A woman walks near a white Bentley and hears a voice that says something like: the more time you spend listening to my voice, the less time you have to spend with your family. She then gets to her car (relief) but there's a masked fat person who says bugaboo and hops on the dash. In the car, there are her kids, a guy and a girl, and one or two other masked freaks bobbing around.

Image credit: Jason Leung


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