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Board Game (Dream)

dream Feb 03, 2022

I'm in a new city with Karim S. and we go to a later room where some guy is making a game. The game feels like Risk. We play for a bit but the MC gets mad because Karim is putting too much pressure on him. The MC asks him to put some pressure on the other players. I am more watching them playing. Some people are playing Magic The Gathering, including Philippe C. Karim starts playing Magic too and I'm a bit surprised he changed games. I'm in a place with many people and I'm told to find my group. My website is shown on the wall, with some modifications (incl. URL) and from it, the SpongeBob SquarePants song starts playing. I'm a little embarrassed at first but then I'm not and people are kinda singing along. I have a thing I am holding and the people I'm meant to find are holding one too. We eventually find the right amount of people holding the stick item.


Image credit: Aksel Fristrup


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