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Born Strong

recollection Jun 21, 2022

Today was a weird day. I couldn't get it all done crisp but I got it all done nevertheless. I'm seriously doubting how much mindset comes into play when it comes to results. I'm getting everything done but I'm nowhere near the results I'm looking for in terms of views, sales or even conversations (business & dating). I don't really know where I went wrong at this point. Maybe I'm too subtle? Maybe I need to take another step back and get further from everything. Maybe it's about finding the courage to do what it takes to take things where they should be. For the rest, I watched Born Strong on Youtube, which turned out to be quite entertaining for me. I'm hoping the little Haitian Rhum I drank won't affect my workout tomorrow... I'm trying to hit some new PRs, and I don't want to be rewarding any bad behaviour.

Image credit: Ben White


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