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Chasing Awareness (Dream)

dream Jan 04, 2022

Performing something for people on a stage. After the performance, Ivan D. and Karim S. follow me in the back and Ivan gets closer and tries to rub my back. I stare at him sternly to tell him to get away. There's glass in my mouth, and I'm taking it out in front of a mirror. I'm then put in a bed by an Indian nurse who's about to make me fall asleep while I'm staring at a little glass button with the word "awareness" above it. I fall asleep and wake up in my bed while pieces of the ward bed are still visible, notably the metal arms. I'm convinced I'm waking up in a simulation and I say: "well if this is a simulation, I want to fuck" and thought "and I don't really care who it is".

Image credit: Jose A.Thompson


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