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Driving (Dream)

dream Aug 04, 2021

At a resort near a beach. Valerie Y. Is living next door with a boyfriend. We hit the road. We stop to make out in a wheat field. We keep looking for a place because there are people close. We get back into the car and we keep driving, she lets go of the wheel and I grab it there is a turn, turning it the right way as the passenger is difficult for me, she grabs the wheel back and we start swerving and drifting towards the side. The car flips and in mid-air, I think "this is real life." At Brébeuf. Hanging out with different people. In a circle with Edouard G. Louis-Charles G., Nhan N., Sami E. and others, planning to hang out and talk about stuff. The song playing is "my love."

Image credit: M. R.


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