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Hanging Out (Dream)

dream Jul 08, 2021

Hanging out outside meet s guy who has good vibes who says hi and presses me, other guys I kinda say no to. At this school. Walking around to class. Meet a girl. Visit the cafeteria. See Adam D., possessed Camille H. is there. Start rapping, make a really dope rap song about money. I sing on it too. Trufactx is there. Someone posted it on SoundCloud and it goes viral. Meet Kyle D., presents me to friends who are drug takers. Kyle sniffs cocaine. We then go to another place where there are people lying on the ground. I didn't notice them at first but they look like drug takers napping. A girl walks over and says "I'm drinking till I pass out tonight" someone says "again." I try to leave but I'm conflicted as to whether to leave Kyle there, who had taken a seat.

Image credit: Papaioannou Kostas


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