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Music Session (Dream)

dream Feb 06, 2022

At a huge movie theatre where we're waiting to watch a movie. At this music event. I'm hanging out with three girls. One of them takes a boob out. It's big. We keep hanging out. Two of them remove their bra. I ask if I can touch her breast. She says yes and I start feeling her up. We make out. She has thick duck lips and a large round as. We walk out and there is a bunch of people huddled in groups, all participating in a music session led by some guy. I join a group with some of the girls. I try to make music. You need to touch a key and it makes a sound everyone hears. I try a few but I'm not very good at it. So I stop. We win the contest. Gather a prize then we leave. We're playing a game where you can capture creatures and use them to defeat other players. I scramble around the house trying to find something I can use. I go outside and get the hang of it. I capture a spiky, sphere-looking creature and feed it to a dragon-looking creature. I fly it high in the sky and crash it into the ground. A guy we're trying to eat calls his dad about getting taken out of the battlefield. I see a bloodied Asian guy getting pulled on a stretcher and a Black guy getting put to sleep with a sausage slipping in his mouth while he's struggling to stay awake despite the anesthesia kicking in.

Image credit: Marcela Laskoski


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