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Parc (Dream)

dream Feb 05, 2022

At this theatre watching things. Ariana G. is there and we notice each other, I think we even get close. There's a warning and Ariana leaves, I cannot for some reason, I don't know the way out. Dangerous people walk in with weapons, I escape from the back into this weird parc. At this weird parc, I need to get away from, being chased by people. There are other people at the park. I try to hop on a train but I don't have a ticket. I'm at a bar with Kyle D. and Misha D. and we're talking about opening one. We say "here we go again" and I say I like my business model the best. I'm at the bar table with my dad my mom we're talking, it's too much for my mom so she goes to get a drink. I talk to my dad for a little bit, we laugh at my mom and my grandmother, whose voices we can hear.

Image credit: Patricia Jekki


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