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Pool House (Dream)

dream Feb 04, 2022

At a resto with Xavier M., Régine D. and Maryse D. We are ordering exotic food. I tell my mom I can't pay and she gets furious. The food gets here and we eat. Brother becomes really "cute/crazy" and Régine D. attacks me aggressively. I feel pain.

At a big version of my current home. Alex P. shows up and we start hanging out. He implored he needs a place to stay. I imply it's my Régine D.'s place. We go to her room and he offers her an unrapable mug. She's happy to accept it. We go outside and Ray B. Is lying in the pool. I ask him if it's his house and he says no. Alex starts fighting with Ray and says "I'm tired of your shit".

Image credit: Ralph (Ravi) Kayden


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