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Tik Tok School (Dream)

dream Jul 30, 2021

At this school. At a desk and this girl across from me is making tik toks and getting 8m views in 5 mins. She is a blonde brunette and a little thick. Ask her about it surprised. Talking, we get up. More cute girls show up and we hang out. My mom shows up and says nothing, I encourage her to say what she had to say but she refuses. One of the girl's brothers shows up and then I gotta go. He says "keep your mouth shut" and I already wasn't saying anything, walking away backwards. I bump into the girl later she's acting out a TikTok with her friend. Her friend is choking her against the wall and then turns around and says "no?". I think: she probably wanted me to make a move, will do it next time I have the chance. I remember thinking "this is what TikTok is like right now." There are like 100 people in a room scrambling. I've lost my stuff and my hats. Go under a table and there are hundreds of dope hats. I wonder if I should just take one. The guy (the girl's brother) says I'll close my eyes. I hesitate and grab a black hat with thin material for the panels and a visor that goes curves up. I realize Aryev's waiting for me. I walk outside and am wandering around.

Image credit: Joshua Hoehne


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