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Transgender Adventure (Dream)

dream Jan 12, 2022

Got threatened by a trans girl who overheard me saying "I didn't like LGBTQ". Someone warned me not to. It felt horrible and violent. That person has a dirty weapon. I leave and try to run away and have to go to a place. I run around the city until I stumble on a nice house with a gathering of people. At that place, there are plenty of trans people and one guy who looks rich and gives me a look full of meaning. A presentation starts on the TV. It feels like crap and I have an odd taste in my mouth. I need to leave but wait until the presentation starts. I put down a remote they gave us and walked away, trying to find somewhere to go. I walk by a couple of people who feel concerned for my safe return. I enter a restaurant/dep.

Image credit: Lena Balk


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