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Twirling Her Wrists

recollection Apr 13, 2022

Today was all about keeping the grind going. I also tested out playing Dofus during downtimes. It was fun and different. There is less pressure for some reason when you aren't forced to play because of a plan but it was rather an impromptu decision. I'm not sure I'm going to implement this fully, although I'll try to test it out. The other option I feel is just to stare at a wall. The girl at the gym did weird stuff with her arms when I walked past her like twirling her wrists and making a funny face. I said hi to her and then tried to ignore her. I wasn't very successful in the last part. She had cute little black shorts and kept being in my line of sight. My meeting went well and the guy signed up for a Strategy Session.

Image credit: Matheus Ferrero


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