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Weird Fatigue

recollection Mar 31, 2022

It's like I'm already starting to feel weird fatigue coming over me. Thing is, if I start waking up later, the whole plan backfires. Today, I woke up at 6:15, the time that I used to wake up at last week before I changed my wake time to 5:30. I'm not worried but I really want to take advantage of the 5:30 wake-up time. Anyway, fixing my sleep schedule is going fine I just can't miss another 5:30 wake-up. I got everything I wanted to do done and I saw the cute girl at the gym again. Speaking of the gym, before she arrived I had this dance-skip ritual that allowed me to lift ridiculously heavyweight (220 bend-over rows for example). This is good and I also saw my old friend from Target Damon L. having huge biceps. Batish too.

Image credit: Adrian Swancar


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