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recollection Apr 07, 2022

Today was a good day. It was all about keeping things going. Everything went smoothly and I started to understand a little bit more about how to get difficult tasks (like posting good content) quickly. Results are still a little slow but I'm having more interesting conversations than I used to.

Image credit: Jakob Owens

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Going Up In Weight

recollection Apr 05, 2022

So today was the beginning of the new work week. Even today I made some changes to the social media growth strategy so I'm going to be waiting another 7 days before rigorously implementing the Days Plan. I'm still going up in weight at the gym which is good. My plan right now is to keep working on my body, and going through the daily motions while focusing solely on myself, my family, my fans, my clients and my friends.

Image credit: Kelly Sikkema

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Personal Development

recollection Apr 03, 2022

Today was a Saturday so the plan was to work on myself using personal development material and do some biz dev. It would seem biz dev is slowing down because I'm getting fewer responses from this new market (influencers). I've reached almost 150 emails, so we shall see. I'm thinking of maybe changing my strategy but, right now, it's too early to tell.

Image credit: dominik hofbauer

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Uncategorized Apr 01, 2022

Today was another day of "grinding". I actually was able to fix my sleep schedule starting at 5:30 and sleeping a little bit earlier. I got everything done and I had a really good workout. I booked at least a couple of calls and continued my new outreach strategy.

Image credit:  Marten Bjork

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Weird Fatigue

recollection Mar 31, 2022

It's like I'm already starting to feel weird fatigue coming over me. Thing is, if I start waking up later, the whole plan backfires. Today, I woke up at 6:15, the time that I used to wake up at last week before I changed my wake time to 5:30. I'm not worried but I really want to take advantage of the 5:30 wake-up time. Anyway, fixing my sleep schedule is going fine I just can't miss another 5:30 wake-up. I got everything I wanted to do done and I saw the cute girl at the gym again. Speaking of the gym, before she arrived I had this dance-skip ritual that allowed me to lift ridiculously heavyweight (220 bend-over rows for example). This is good and I also saw my old friend from Target Damon L. having huge biceps. Batish too.

Image credit: Adrian Swancar

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Less Mistakes

recollection Mar 24, 2022

Today was all about getting things done but without making too many mistakes. It was better in that respect. I'm also working on my relationships with new online friends, and it's going well. People are dropping off and new people are giving themselves a shot with me. My messaging on social media is also getting better. All in all, although I had another no-show, I feel like I'm making progress.

Image credit: Sarah Kilian

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dream Mar 23, 2022

At a Kardashian mansion. It's kinda boring but we start filming and making videos and those are fun. We make one at a pool. I remember Kendall J. Kourtney K. Kim K. Bruce J. There were also other people there.

Image credit: Fashionista

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Good Start

recollection Mar 22, 2022

Today was another good start to a week. My workout was tremendous and I increased my weight on almost every exercise. Only the bench press is a little bit slow in my humble opinion. I got my work done but my workout was so long that the morning activities dripped onto the afternoon (recommendation video, reading). Outreach and posting went smoothly.

Image credit: Jazmin Quaynor


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One Funnel Away

dream Mar 20, 2022

At a marketing event. Russel B is selling the One Funnel Away Challenge before it's taken off the internet forever. I don't want to buy it and Russel gets emotional about it. I leave the venue and meet up with Simon B. and another guy I know for some pizza. We laugh about stuff and I am still considering purchasing the OFAC. I watch a broadcast called the final countdown where Russel B. is going through people's affiliate funnels (all with different designs and strategies) and offers telling people that I can get the OFAC program through them. Russel is being very optimistic. I end up trying to buy the OFAC but I'm never really sure if the purchase was complete.

Image credit: One Funnel Away Challenge

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recollection Mar 20, 2022

Today was all about the first Saturday of The Plan. I had some more time at the gym than I thought so I had to push back personal development until the afternoon. I got everything I did for business done and there was another no-show. Saturday's are for dates, however, I didn't have one so I had to entertain myself.

Image credit: Jon Tyson

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