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dream Mar 19, 2022

I had sex with a hot duck-type woman who showed me that even if she is really hot I can still want to put my penis inside her and do it without resistance. Moreover, she would like it and get off on it whilst retaining self-respect and hotness.

Image credit: Ravi Singh

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recollection Mar 19, 2022

So today I went live on BIGO for the first time in a few months and it felt good. The Livestream went well. I ended up ranting for almost the whole time and I got some positive comments and 2 new fans. I'm liking the new idea of doing BIGO once a week instead of every day even if it may make things slower. I get better quality from it. I preceded to do my day as usual and got everything I wanted to do done. Unfortunately, my meeting didn't show up even if it was a "reschedule". I ended the day nicely with some social media. I am more tired today but it's the weekend so we're switching things up.

Image credit: Frank Kroeger

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recollection Mar 17, 2022

Today was all about maintaining what I started. At the gym, I Deadlifted 3 plates for one rep. This is good considering I started working out again a bit more than 2 weeks ago. I'm still a little bit too fat, but I am eating at regular intervals and getting the water I need to stay hydrated. I am feeling like I'm falling off a bit mentally, but this could be due to my uncle showing up and it being my grandmother's birthday. Either way, well worth the sacrifice, now, I prepare for the rest of the week. Also, there had been a lot of references to Russia past few days, but I think that chase is over. I had a meeting with another software developer and we talked about the importance of following up with prospects.

Image credit: Alora Griffiths

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Getting It Rolling

recollection Mar 15, 2022

Although my end of the day was thinking about old acquaintances, my day was productive. I was able to get everything on my list done, except Alchemy, which is postponed until next week because of the lack of ink in my printer. My review went alright, although I filmed a frame in which you can't see my forehead. Posting on social media after such a long break (about a week or so) feels quite good. I'm a little bit insecure about how big my belly has gotten since the gyms were closed during the pandemic, but I believe it'll be gone within the next 30 days (even though I ate a huge bowl of pasta with seafood and crème rosé sauce). I'm feeling really excited about the continuation of this new schedule.

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recollection Mar 13, 2022

Today was another preparation day. I got to the gym and got some ''success activities'' done. Toward the end of the day I was supposed to have a date but they didn't show up. I dabbled between video games and watching videos until the sun went down. Then I made tea and poured milk, added some cookies and cream protein powder to it. That mix ended up being really good. I think I'm going to swap out water for milk when I make a protein drink from now on. Tomorrow is daylight savings time so I'm getting to bed a little earlier.

Image credit: Jexo

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Grocery Store

dream Mar 12, 2022

I am running around town. In a grocery store with a bunch of mean people. I had run away from my house. I don't know how to get back. When I eventually get to a house, there is a guy and a girl and we kind of talk, but it's weird. Turns out I actually killed the guy, and the girl was just telling me I was too delusional to remember or know that they were dead (might be the other way around guy/girl). I leave but have nowhere to go.

Image credit: Franki Chamaki

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recollection Mar 12, 2022

Today I went to the gym and worked on things. It was a 50% effort day, but I got the essentials done. I made some improvements to my daily schedule and am finally happy with it. I ate some rice and duck for lunch and supper. It's good because it's complex carbs.

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Kyle Gets Revenge

dream Mar 06, 2022

Kyle D. killed Misha D. and decided to announce it to me at some sort of venue. I am disappointed and go around asking other people we both know if it was true. They all point to the fact that it is, in fact, true. Kyle is following me around and I try to get away from him subtly. A game starts where I need to get strings wrapped around my wrist and hooks. I'm unable to get the strings or the hooks and I'm left behind by the other people playing the game.

Image credit: Jacob Bentzinger

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Music Session (Dream)

dream Feb 06, 2022

At a huge movie theatre where we're waiting to watch a movie. At this music event. I'm hanging out with three girls. One of them takes a boob out. It's big. We keep hanging out. Two of them remove their bra. I ask if I can touch her breast. She says yes and I start feeling her up. We make out. She has thick duck lips and a large round as. We walk out and there is a bunch of people huddled in groups, all participating in a music session led by some guy. I join a group with some of the girls. I try to make music. You need to touch a key and it makes a sound everyone hears. I try a few but I'm not very good at it. So I stop. We win the contest. Gather a prize then we leave. We're playing a game where you can capture creatures and use them to defeat other players. I scramble around the house trying to find something I can use. I go outside and get the hang of it. I capture a spiky, sphere-looking creature and feed it to a dragon-looking creature. I fly it high in the sky and crash it...

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Ski Lessons (Recollection)

recollection Feb 06, 2022

I remember Emmanuelle F. I remember how we held hands on the bus on our way back from ski lessons. We never dated and I start feeling bad that I never told her I wanted to date her. I ended up dating another girl from ski, inviting her to prom and then going with another one of her friends. I start thinking she still likes me. I am turned on. I think of how the other girls from high school may have been judging her. I think of Anne B. and fantasize about being with her and having her around at a mansion. I imagine everyone I used to know from high school at this mansion with us and we get into a long conversation that lasts the whole night.

Image credit: Nicolai Berntsen

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