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A Pleasant Stroll (Dream)

dream Nov 30, 2021

In Sam O.'s office, part of the time with Rhett C. Getting a pep talk/consulting session & small pitch for Uplevel. Sam feels really good & professional. Hanging around a shopping center with my mom and Sam O. Then meet up with some people my age and we kind of hang out.

Image credit: Renate Vanaga

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Why? (Dream)

dream Nov 24, 2021

Jeff D. is in the backyard standing on a broken balcony. I get mad at him for it.

Image credit: Caspar Camille Rubin

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Funeral (Dream)

dream Nov 16, 2021

At a Juice WRLD funeral. People gathering, I want to leave because it feels sketchy. At a church with people, I feel like I know, I'm tempted to go in or stay out they're talking about weird stuff.

Image Credit: Joel Muniz

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Grant Forgot About Real Estate (Dream)

dream Nov 10, 2021

Grant C. is talking about passive income in real estate. Saying he doesn't have anything to invest in, I remind him of real estate.

Image credit: Tierra Mallorca

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Do Not Recall (Dream)

dream Nov 08, 2021

Do not recall.

Image credit: Matt Walsh

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Running Through A House (Dream)

dream Nov 07, 2021

At a chalet with Jake P., Logan P., Armani I. and other people. We're in a house, I think it's Jake's house, we're walking along. I ask Jake if he knows where the bathroom is, he points me to a nice small one where the toilet is in the shower. I don't go in, we keep walking. When we reach outside, Logan says "just look at this place" or something like that and he dives into a huge blue outdoor pool. I notice Armani sitting in a chair looking lazy and he seems to want to take a picture. I nod my head upwards signalling he could and he can follow me too. I then dive into the pool in slow motion.

Image credit: Angela Matijczak

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Hotel (Dream)

dream Nov 06, 2021

At this hotel with people I know. Watching movies and they keep switching to violent movies so I leave. I see Alex L. I saw Karim S.

Image credit: Marten Bjork

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Restaurant Date (Dream)

dream Nov 05, 2021

At a restaurant with people from Brébeuf. We go to someplace where I'm eating pasta with meat sauce next to Isabelle G. We talk and at some point, she gets closer, like reaching for something, and our cheeks touch. We keep them close. And she sits back down.

Image credit: Jay Wennington

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Stuff To Do (Dream)

dream Nov 04, 2021

At an airport, looking for something. Meet people who are struggling, hang out with Karim S., we go skateboarding. He's famous and gets lots of views. At a theatre, people I know are there. At a caf, sitting next to Marie-Catherine R., realize it and try to kiss her a few times. I do once. Hanging out with Marie-Catherine and another girl. I get pulled by a dog to a client who wants to talk about his logo and graphics collection. The dog goes back, mom shows up says that the dog brought back some dead things and put in on the bed.

Image credit: fotosipsak

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Bubble Bath (Dream)

dream Nov 03, 2021

At this hotel with models, I'm the guy model. I kinda walk around, guided by a woman tour guide. I have a hole in my pants. I'm embarrassed. One of the girls does too. I see a selfie of the naked Rock in a bubble bath with two models.

Image credit: Cristian Palmer

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