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Resort (Dream)

dream Oct 01, 2021

At this resort with Karim S. and some people. There is a cave challenge. I don't do it, a group of people go in and try and they die. One of them explains to me how it was, it was impossible to get through. I walk around the resort with Karim and meet some people, we kinda talk on the beach and near the pool.

In a room with Daniela S. We kinda hold hands and talk about nothing. We walk into another room and she says she's going to the movies. Her mom and some friends walk into the room. I french bise her mom who fake looks like she wants a kiss on the lips. I leave.

Image credit: Edvin Johansson

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Blue Crystal (Dream)

dream Sep 28, 2021

New drug in town blue crystal different stories about it with a really sketch dude who looked like the guy yelling fuck you. Family support where parents are talking about dealing and they took some.

Chilling with people incl people from Brébeuf and were drinking and eating, Bourque is being an asshole and eating drinking my pizza and beer. I go get chocolate assorted from a big pile of foodstuff.

See Andrew M. at a party drinking at a table.

Image credit: Krystal Ng

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Tiger (Dream)

dream Sep 25, 2021

Under a tiger in a savanna, trying to get away from it but I'm stuck under it. I feel its belly rumbling I have my hands in its mouth. Andrew M. comes with a car with other people in it. They say they can't help. I relax and listen to the tiger's rumbling.

Image credit: Kartik Iyer

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Do Not Recall (Dream)

dream Sep 24, 2021

Do not recall.

Image credit: Matt Walsh

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Locker Room (Dream)

dream Sep 22, 2021

Hanging out with kids, these kids become adults in a locker room. I'm looking for ketchup.

Image credit: Raúl Lazcano

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Thad Castle (Dream)

dream Sep 22, 2021

On a date with this girl in a fancy hotel. In the hotel room kinda love her romantically. She says she wants to go to sleep. Then Thad Castle from BMS picks up a girl, I think it's the girl I was just with, carrying her with his hands on her ass, she's upside down with her ass cheeks spread wide. Her asshole is protruding. Thad tells me "this is how you fuck" in a funny voice.

Image credit: @Thad_Castle

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Arcade (Dream)

dream Sep 20, 2021

Arcade with Xavier M.

Image credit: Carl Raw

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Marshmallow (Dream)

dream Sep 19, 2021

At Logan P.'s house with Daniela S. and someone else I know is there. I talk to Daniela about her accomplishments. Chilling with Mari folk at an outdoor gathering. Hang out with Daniela. See Sean T., go to a room. Misha D. is in the room being creepy. Takes out a pound of weed. I'm kinda disappointed about it. He's playing with scissors I leave the room. and see an authority walk towards. I tell Misha to put the weed away. The authority woman walks in and calls the police. A lady tells me to get marshmallows to listen in on Misha's conversation with the authority.

Image credit: FLY:D

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Do Not Recall (Dream)

dream Sep 17, 2021

Do not recall.

Image credit: Matt Walsh

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Celebrating (Dream)

dream Sep 15, 2021

Sold 60, 000 of my program in a day. 7 customers bought up to 7 times. Working at an office for what seems to be Jake P.s team. Kinda hanging out. I mention Armani. Turns into a video. Jake starts rapping. Says "And that girl be stupid chase". Becomes a wild party where everyone is jumping around. Justin B. films a story. We get blasted into space and I'm holding on to some guy who I start listening to getting to know him. We eventually hit the ground and I hear "you're there."

Image credit: Erik Mclean

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