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Do Not Recall (Dream)

dream Sep 14, 2021

Do not recall.

Image credit: Matt Walsh

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Do Not Recall (Dream)

dream Sep 10, 2021

Do not recall.

Image credit: Matt Walsh

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Dungeon (Dream)

dream Sep 07, 2021

Justin B. is showing me seats where he filmed music videos and telling me how it went down. He shows me a bunch of things and by the end of it I'm a little bit freaked out but I say: "you, me, let's go". He says he'll explain the covid but I have to keep my eyes closed as we go into a dungeon that an associate waves us to go in. I don't want to be conscious of this because it's scary so I wake myself up. Looking back in, an annoying voice is laughing at me and I'm in a dark room on a bed, looking at an open door.

Image credit: Elena Maffioli

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Pool Resort (Dream)

dream Sep 03, 2021

Riding around with Batish I. and others. They have my sports car, I ask them to give it back. There are thousands of keys in the car. They rob it. I'm at a pool resort. Miranda Cosgrove is there. I kinda act like a fan and kinda not.

Image credit: Oliver Dumoulin

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Being Annoyed (Dream)

dream Aug 31, 2021

Being annoyed by Armani I.

Image credit: Popular Networth

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Nude Models (Dream)

Uncategorized Aug 28, 2021

At this resort. Olivia H is modelling nude. I ask if she's doing porn and she doesn't answer. I kinda leave but come back and start licking her asshole and she lifts up her ass. I think someone is filming/taking pictures. I come back to see them and there are 6 females nude posing.

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Calling (Dream)

dream Aug 24, 2021

Stephen S. is hanging around with some people and he seems to be low-key calling around me.

Image credit: Quino Al

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Sunglasses (Dream)

Uncategorized Aug 19, 2021

Doing activities at a place. Jake P. is giving out gifts. I get all the types of special editions of a console. There is a scavenger hunt. We find dope sunglasses. I find a little girl that sticks to me and asks what to do on a date. I tell her you to bring her to your house and you make out with her. She says "well" in her mannerism. I smile because she's a child and I'm not allowed to make a move on her.

Image credit: Charles Deluvio

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Cooking (Dream)

dream Aug 16, 2021

At a movie theatre, in a party city, walking around. Chilling with Valentina S. in a room alone she is cooking something. Sitting next to each other. Talking.

Image credit: Becca Tapert

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Party (Dream)

dream Aug 07, 2021

In an airport. Misha D. is there. Seems lost. Party at my place with family. Andrew M., Katherine L. and Paloma L. were there. Hung out outside, then inside. Chocolate croissant. Looking for Paloma, find her in my room with a friend. They close the door behind me.

Image credit: Al Elmes

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