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Driving (Dream)

dream Aug 04, 2021

At a resort near a beach. Valerie Y. Is living next door with a boyfriend. We hit the road. We stop to make out in a wheat field. We keep looking for a place because there are people close. We get back into the car and we keep driving, she lets go of the wheel and I grab it there is a turn, turning it the right way as the passenger is difficult for me, she grabs the wheel back and we start swerving and drifting towards the side. The car flips and in mid-air, I think "this is real life." At Brébeuf. Hanging out with different people. In a circle with Edouard G. Louis-Charles G., Nhan N., Sami E. and others, planning to hang out and talk about stuff. The song playing is "my love."

Image credit: M. R.

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Chalet (Dream)

dream Jul 31, 2021

Talking with 21savage, or a look-alike. Tells me we don't talk and finds it funny. I'm confused (since we're talking). I get up from the table and walk away with Stephen R. It feels like we're no longer welcomed there. We leave the table and walk for a bit. In a theatre next to Daniela S., hear you should kiss him, she kisses me. Were in a chalet with Daniela, her mom, and her sister. I'm happy to see them.

Image credit: Tim Arnold

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Tik Tok School (Dream)

dream Jul 30, 2021

At this school. At a desk and this girl across from me is making tik toks and getting 8m views in 5 mins. She is a blonde brunette and a little thick. Ask her about it surprised. Talking, we get up. More cute girls show up and we hang out. My mom shows up and says nothing, I encourage her to say what she had to say but she refuses. One of the girl's brothers shows up and then I gotta go. He says "keep your mouth shut" and I already wasn't saying anything, walking away backwards. I bump into the girl later she's acting out a TikTok with her friend. Her friend is choking her against the wall and then turns around and says "no?". I think: she probably wanted me to make a move, will do it next time I have the chance. I remember thinking "this is what TikTok is like right now." There are like 100 people in a room scrambling. I've lost my stuff and my hats. Go under a table and there are hundreds of dope hats. I wonder if I should just take one. The guy (the girl's brother) says I'll...

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Bar (Dream)

dream Jul 27, 2021

At a festival with Louis-Charles G. and Edouard G. Drinking booze from the bar.

Image credit: QUI NGUYEN

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Highway Way (Dream)

dream Jul 20, 2021

In a hall. Some celeb is there. I plan a campfire trip in someplace. In a small apartment that looks over onto what looks like the decarie highway. Trucks and driving off the edge and falling onto the highway below.

Image credit: kimi lee



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Skiing (Dream)

dream Jul 19, 2021

Skiing. On a date with Youssra P. At a family party or hers. I meet her dad (who is Italian). Shopping at a grocery store.

Image credit: Alex Lange

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Movie Theatre (Dream)

dream Jul 17, 2021

I'm in a movie theatre watching a new movie sponsored by Coors Light. I'm sitting next to my family and eating a Big Mac. The movie becomes a theatre piece. Michal L. is one of the actors. He forgets his lines near me. A woman with big boobs and a see-through dress is singing something. I get up and walk around the aisles. A bunch of sketchy-looking people with tattoos start getting close to me and paying attention to me. Some of them have their arms behind their backs. One of them has an Exacto knife: "I yell he's got a knife". They start getting closer to me, staring at me with an arm behind their backs and I'm afraid. I grab a wine bottle to defend myself.

Image credit: Jake Hills

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Moving (Dream)

dream Jul 16, 2021

Meet a girl at Brébeuf. Go to her place, we swim in a huge pool with a huge speaker. Show up to class with demon wings. Elizabeth J. is a teacher and we argue about some girl. Daniela S. likes my Florida pic with the dog on Instagram.

Image credit: Drew Dau

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Seminar (Dream)

dream Jul 10, 2021

At a GC seminar. Welcoming guest. Speaker TS intro. Ends. Out of the room. On an adventure

Image credit: Alexandre Pellaes

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Riding Around (Dream)

dream Jul 09, 2021

Riding around in a car with Future. At a house tell mom I'm gonna wake up and make money.

Image credit: Ondrej Bocek

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