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dream Mar 23, 2022

At a Kardashian mansion. It's kinda boring but we start filming and making videos and those are fun. We make one at a pool. I remember Kendall J. Kourtney K. Kim K. Bruce J. There were also other people there.

Image credit: Fashionista

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One Funnel Away

dream Mar 20, 2022

At a marketing event. Russel B is selling the One Funnel Away Challenge before it's taken off the internet forever. I don't want to buy it and Russel gets emotional about it. I leave the venue and meet up with Simon B. and another guy I know for some pizza. We laugh about stuff and I am still considering purchasing the OFAC. I watch a broadcast called the final countdown where Russel B. is going through people's affiliate funnels (all with different designs and strategies) and offers telling people that I can get the OFAC program through them. Russel is being very optimistic. I end up trying to buy the OFAC but I'm never really sure if the purchase was complete.

Image credit: One Funnel Away Challenge

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dream Mar 19, 2022

I had sex with a hot duck-type woman who showed me that even if she is really hot I can still want to put my penis inside her and do it without resistance. Moreover, she would like it and get off on it whilst retaining self-respect and hotness.

Image credit: Ravi Singh

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Grocery Store

dream Mar 12, 2022

I am running around town. In a grocery store with a bunch of mean people. I had run away from my house. I don't know how to get back. When I eventually get to a house, there is a guy and a girl and we kind of talk, but it's weird. Turns out I actually killed the guy, and the girl was just telling me I was too delusional to remember or know that they were dead (might be the other way around guy/girl). I leave but have nowhere to go.

Image credit: Franki Chamaki

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Kyle Gets Revenge

dream Mar 06, 2022

Kyle D. killed Misha D. and decided to announce it to me at some sort of venue. I am disappointed and go around asking other people we both know if it was true. They all point to the fact that it is, in fact, true. Kyle is following me around and I try to get away from him subtly. A game starts where I need to get strings wrapped around my wrist and hooks. I'm unable to get the strings or the hooks and I'm left behind by the other people playing the game.

Image credit: Jacob Bentzinger

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Music Session (Dream)

dream Feb 06, 2022

At a huge movie theatre where we're waiting to watch a movie. At this music event. I'm hanging out with three girls. One of them takes a boob out. It's big. We keep hanging out. Two of them remove their bra. I ask if I can touch her breast. She says yes and I start feeling her up. We make out. She has thick duck lips and a large round as. We walk out and there is a bunch of people huddled in groups, all participating in a music session led by some guy. I join a group with some of the girls. I try to make music. You need to touch a key and it makes a sound everyone hears. I try a few but I'm not very good at it. So I stop. We win the contest. Gather a prize then we leave. We're playing a game where you can capture creatures and use them to defeat other players. I scramble around the house trying to find something I can use. I go outside and get the hang of it. I capture a spiky, sphere-looking creature and feed it to a dragon-looking creature. I fly it high in the sky and crash it...

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Parc (Dream)

dream Feb 05, 2022

At this theatre watching things. Ariana G. is there and we notice each other, I think we even get close. There's a warning and Ariana leaves, I cannot for some reason, I don't know the way out. Dangerous people walk in with weapons, I escape from the back into this weird parc. At this weird parc, I need to get away from, being chased by people. There are other people at the park. I try to hop on a train but I don't have a ticket. I'm at a bar with Kyle D. and Misha D. and we're talking about opening one. We say "here we go again" and I say I like my business model the best. I'm at the bar table with my dad my mom we're talking, it's too much for my mom so she goes to get a drink. I talk to my dad for a little bit, we laugh at my mom and my grandmother, whose voices we can hear.

Image credit: Patricia Jekki

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Pool House (Dream)

dream Feb 04, 2022

At a resto with Xavier M., Régine D. and Maryse D. We are ordering exotic food. I tell my mom I can't pay and she gets furious. The food gets here and we eat. Brother becomes really "cute/crazy" and Régine D. attacks me aggressively. I feel pain.

At a big version of my current home. Alex P. shows up and we start hanging out. He implored he needs a place to stay. I imply it's my Régine D.'s place. We go to her room and he offers her an unrapable mug. She's happy to accept it. We go outside and Ray B. Is lying in the pool. I ask him if it's his house and he says no. Alex starts fighting with Ray and says "I'm tired of your shit".

Image credit: Ralph (Ravi) Kayden

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Board Game (Dream)

dream Feb 03, 2022

I'm in a new city with Karim S. and we go to a later room where some guy is making a game. The game feels like Risk. We play for a bit but the MC gets mad because Karim is putting too much pressure on him. The MC asks him to put some pressure on the other players. I am more watching them playing. Some people are playing Magic The Gathering, including Philippe C. Karim starts playing Magic too and I'm a bit surprised he changed games. I'm in a place with many people and I'm told to find my group. My website is shown on the wall, with some modifications (incl. URL) and from it, the SpongeBob SquarePants song starts playing. I'm a little embarrassed at first but then I'm not and people are kinda singing along. I have a thing I am holding and the people I'm meant to find are holding one too. We eventually find the right amount of people holding the stick item.


Image credit: Aksel Fristrup

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Transgender Adventure (Dream)

dream Jan 12, 2022

Got threatened by a trans girl who overheard me saying "I didn't like LGBTQ". Someone warned me not to. It felt horrible and violent. That person has a dirty weapon. I leave and try to run away and have to go to a place. I run around the city until I stumble on a nice house with a gathering of people. At that place, there are plenty of trans people and one guy who looks rich and gives me a look full of meaning. A presentation starts on the TV. It feels like crap and I have an odd taste in my mouth. I need to leave but wait until the presentation starts. I put down a remote they gave us and walked away, trying to find somewhere to go. I walk by a couple of people who feel concerned for my safe return. I enter a restaurant/dep.

Image credit: Lena Balk

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