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Video Games

recollection Apr 23, 2022

The past few days have been for rest, recovery and preparing for next week. I decided to take 3 days off to think about the Plan, the content I'm posting and think while playing loads of video games. The gym has been closed so there's been a bit of a change of pace. This has been good so far. I bought some beer too. Tomorrow is Sunday and I'm going to train abs and cardio even if that's Friday's workout.

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No Fap

recollection Apr 20, 2022

Today was good but no meetings. My workout went up and I did everything. In the afternoon I tripped out a little because I didn't know if I should do anything so I dabbled between Dofus, doing nothing and watching videos. I restarted NoFap today again and made a note about it. I also solidified my daily schedule, which is starting officially next Monday. This week is all about preparation for doing the Plan until completion.

Image credit: Kalen Emsley

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Asking Her Out

recollection Apr 19, 2022

Today was a pretty average day. I talked to George's girlfriend who I walked up to and complimented her ass and titties before he walked up. She told me after they were dating so I had to apologize to him. I ended up having a great convo with her about getting to know new girls. I tried her techniques on Sarah, a girl I've been talking to. It didn't work even if she was single and also way less hot than me. After the rejection, I recovered by meeting a guy named Raul who was nice but kept complaining about his strength decreasing. I almost stopped outreach and decided to just wait for messages to flood in but I caved and sent my usual dozen messages to potential prospects. I've set my mind on girls on Fb dating and Bumble and both sexes on Tinder - that way I get to talk to both sexes. Social media promotion went well as well, things are evolving nicely.

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recollection Apr 19, 2022

The gym was good, my pectoral muscles are getting stronger. I think I can do 2 plates soon. Work was fine, I got everything done. The book review was about mind hacking. I had two meetings, one was with an interested guy who tried to sell me a $15,000 appointment setting. Crazy price. Another appointment was with a prospect. They were interested and needed to speak with their husband before taking the leap. I don't even know how to care about procrastinators anymore.

Image credit: Gary Meulemans

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recollection Apr 17, 2022

Today I really went hard. I decided to put a rest to masturbation by masturbating to orgasm 10 times in a row. I set a goal and went through with it. The last one was a little bit tough but I made it through. There were some Latinas, black people, foursomes, threesome, celebrity vloggers, ... just writing this my wrist is going numb. Anyway, I got everything done work-wise and my strategy session went well - the guy promised to buy tomorrow.

Image credit: Towfiqu barbhuiya

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recollection Apr 16, 2022

Today I spoke to Alisson again on my way out of the gym. I thought it funny I keep bumping into her. She was kinda ugly but I find her super cute. I found out she's already talking to another guy. I liked her pics on Insta. I improved my workout plan. I did everything I wanted to today and am getting in the groove of things. The lives went well today I even got 2 follows from them. I'm liking my schedule and don't think I'll change it but I am still indulging in Dofus during downtimes which is something I'm working on.

Image credit: Colton Sturgeon

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Plan B

recollection Apr 15, 2022

Today was a good workout, continuing the plan, and planning the future. I decided that plan B is all about the gym, working on the self, and porn. Plan A is still consulting and personal branding. I've also decided that the Orgy should happen for just 1h, once a week and that I should focus my Dofusing on the Sunday stream. I'm also getting more comfortable talking to people.

Image credit: Anne Nygård

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Switching Things Up

recollection Apr 14, 2022

I switched things up a bit, increasing my messages to matches. Also, I engaged with some posts of people I'm following.

Image credit: Isabella and Zsa Fischer

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Twirling Her Wrists

recollection Apr 13, 2022

Today was all about keeping the grind going. I also tested out playing Dofus during downtimes. It was fun and different. There is less pressure for some reason when you aren't forced to play because of a plan but it was rather an impromptu decision. I'm not sure I'm going to implement this fully, although I'll try to test it out. The other option I feel is just to stare at a wall. The girl at the gym did weird stuff with her arms when I walked past her like twirling her wrists and making a funny face. I said hi to her and then tried to ignore her. I wasn't very successful in the last part. She had cute little black shorts and kept being in my line of sight. My meeting went well and the guy signed up for a Strategy Session.

Image credit: Matheus Ferrero

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Social Media Strategy Update

recollection Apr 08, 2022

Today was good although I was stressed about the girl at the gym so my workout was less good. It might have also been because I trained really hard the last few weeks and I have less energy - why I would, though, I do not know. Anyway, I got work done and updated my social media strategy and I have a good feeling about it. I'm getting a lot done during the day. The social media promotion strategy update is going well too. Biz meeting went well, the prospect is still on the fence though because of finances - understandable.

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